Blogophilia Week 5.14 – Are We There Yet?

This is Ecrits Blogophilia Week 5 of our 14th year!

You’re sick of hangin’ around and you’d like to travel
Get tired of travelin’, you want to settle down
I guess they can’t revoke your soul for tryin’
Get out of the door and light out and look all around

Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me
Other times, I can barely see
Lately, it occurs to me
What a long, strange trip it’s been

Truckin’, I’m a goin’ home
Whoa, whoa, baby, back where I belong
Back home, sit down and patch my bones
And get back truckin’ on

…The Grateful Dead

ATTENTION BLOGGERS: PLEASE continue to post the link to your blog on either the Facebook Martien Ecrits timeline or the Ecrits Blogophilia group!!!!!! Thanks for your cooperation!



Week 4.14 Jacket Winner

April Showers bring May Flowers! We can only hope that’s true! Congrats to Dia Jade, as she holds onto the leather jacket for yet another week in Blogophilia! But look out, Stormy Gail Dormire has slowly and steadily climbed the peak, and she’s within a mere point of grabbing that brass ring (errr jacket)!! Christine Wichman and Michelle King are admiring the beautiful spring flowers and meditating to find the right guesses to propel them to the lead! Irene Melgoza and Lisa Conrad are collaborating and plotting their next moves to take over the world! Enjoy the lovely spring weather, Earthlings, as we ponder the question… who will wear the jacket next week?

Last week’s topic was submitted by Joleene Naylor!!
Joleene has had her nose to the grindstone working on her mother’s tribute book, so nobody suspected she was behind the sunshine and daisies! She eludes their guesses and hits the jackpot with 6 points!

Last week’s bonus suggestions were provided by Tyler Myrth and Rebecca Grusendorf! They each receive 2 points for their contributions!!

Last week’s picture was submitted by Michelle King!!
Aha! Michelle, Michelle, how does your garden grow? With sunshine, daisies and busy bees, and nobody guessed thee! Therefore, she takes home a wheelbarrow full of 6 points!

Marvin’s secret picture bonus criteria was “busy bee!!”
We had two busy bees who were right on target – Irene Melgoza and Stormy Gail Dormire!! They both nail the phrase with their stingers intact, collecting a nifty 4 points apiece! Stormy gathers an additional point for including the phrase in her blog content!

Now, isn’t that lovely??


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 5.14 Topic: Are We There Yet?

Hard Bonus (2 points): Incorporate 3 colors

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a Playing Card

Week 5.14. Picture


PLEASE point out or highlight the bonuses within your blog content. It is so easy for us Martians to miss it completely!! And believe you us, we have missed these quite a few times!

Blogs must be submitted on or before Midnight (EST), Saturday, April 17 2021. Please continue to post links to your blogs on the Martien Ecrits Facebook page and/or the group Ecrits Blogophilia page, whichever site you are choosing to blog. It’s easier for us to track notifications on Facebook and helps us ensure we don’t miss your blog, whether they are on WordPress, Blogger, Heyspace, Facebook, etc. You may also post your blog link in the WordPress comment section below.

**THE GUESSING GAME**Who and What do you guess on????
Guess who submitted the TOPIC – one guess permitted!
Guess who submitted the PICTURE – one guess permitted!!
The SECRET PICTURE WORD/PHRASE!! 10 guesses permitted!! PICTURE PHRASE GUESSES CAN BE ANYTHING AT ALL, but remember you are limited to only TEN picture phrases guesses!!

ALL GUESSES MUST BE LISTED ON YOUR BLOG in order to count for points. Correct guessing means earning extra points and is so much fun, especially if you’d like to wear our leather jacket!! (No guessing yourself AT ALL – you can’t get points that way!!!)

What are you waiting for? Start Writing!!!

Blogs Ready for Commentary:

Lika Saliscente-Phipps

Irene Melgoza

Dahlia Ramone

Dia Jade

Stormy Gail Dormire

Christopher Mitchell

Colleen Keller Breuning

Christine Wichman

Tyler Myrth

Jay Sole

Rebecca S. Revels

Lisa Conrad


Click here for Ecrits Blogophilia, and how it works!


Week 4.14 Writer Points

52 Dia Jade
51 Stormy Gail Dormire
49 Christine Wichman
49 Michelle King
46 Irene Melgoza
46 Lisa Conrad
45 Christopher Mitchell
42 Colleen Keller Breuning
42 Lika Saliscente-Phipps
42Tyler Myrth
39 Rebecca S. Revels
20 Dahlia Ramone
20Jay Sole
12 Anita Bx
12 Jonathan Harvey
6 Joleene Naylor
2 Rebecca Grusendorf
1 Craig Fallon
1 Lissa Fallon

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Hosts for a creative writing group Blogophilia.
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22 Responses to Blogophilia Week 5.14 – Are We There Yet?

  1. Congrats to Dia. . And good morning all. ((HUGs)) and best wishes sent your way

  2. bugsiboo33 says:

    Congrats Dia 🙂 Morning all!

  3. likamarie says:

    Congratulations, Dia! Wishing Marvin Martian safe travels to Earth!

  4. Dia Jae says:

    I wasn’t thinking busy bee. It looked like a carpenter ant or a termite! LOL. I over analyze too much!!!

  5. Congrats Dia and good Morning Marvin!! Wishing all a great week of writing!

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  7. Irene Melgoza says:

    I’m up early on a Sunday. LOL Good morning & happy writing to all my lovelies. Congrats to Dia!

  8. dahliaramone says:

    Congrats to Dia. This week’s topic makes me wish I was going somewhere – lol! Happy writing to all. Also, I am up:

    Harlequin Heart

  9. I got a little carried away with this.

    The Joker

  10. Congrats Dia!! Sorry gang I’ve been MIA lately due to work and life! :/ ❤ Love to all

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