Blogophilia Week 45.13 – The Holiday Blues

This is Ecrits Blogophilia Week 45 of our 13th year!

Catch a boat to England, baby,
Maybe to Spain
Wherever I have gone,
Wherever I’ve been and gone
Wherever I have gone
The blues run the game

Send out for whiskey, baby,
Send out for gin
Me and room service, honey
Me and room service, babe
Me and room service, whoa
We’re livin’ a life of sin

– “Blues Run the Game” by Simon & Garfunkel

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Week 44.13 Jacket Winner

Winter is keeping the chill on, but the cozy jacket is keeping Craig Fallon warm and toasty this week! Congratulations, Craig! Stormy Gail Dormire put up a mighty effort to keep hold of the coveted prize this week, and she is still just one point behind! Christine Wichman has her eyes trained on the leather, hoping to add it to her winter wardrobe! But Irene Melgoza has other ideas, as she plots her way to the top of the pack! Dia Jade is playing it cool, thinking she needs that jacket for a cold front heading to Florida! The rest of the Blogophilians know that just a few correct guesses will put them in the right spot to claim the jacket! As we look to a more healthy, peaceful year we are wondering … who will wear the jacket next week?

Last week’s topic was submitted by Lissa Fallon!
The decision was unanimous, as we all decided to boldly GO into 2021! However, nobody saw Lissa sneak away from the crowd to grab some solitude amidst the hustle and bustle. For her stealthy moves, she cashes in her chips for a lovely 6 points!

Last week’s bonus suggestions were provided by Dahlia Ramone and Lika Saliscente-Phipps! They each receive 2 points for their contributions!!

Last week’s picture was submitted by Bettie Davis!
Ah, the clean desk of an organized writer! Bettie’s New Year resolution was to clean up the house, but nobody spotted her with that feather duster. She eludes everyone’s guesses and takes home the cache of 6 points!

Martien’s secret picture bonus criteria was “Blank Page!!”
Christine Wichman and Craig Fallon love starting the year off with a blank page, thus they nail the secret phrase of the week! Each of them splits the difference and collects a nifty 4 points!

Now, isn’t that lovely?


Week 45.13 Picture

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 45.13 Topic: The Holiday Blues

Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a Twilight Zone series title from 1959-1964

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Incorporate a board game


PLEASE point out or highlight the bonuses within your blog content. It is so easy for us Martians to miss it completely!! And believe you us, we have missed these quite a few times!

Blogs must be submitted on or before Midnight (EST), Saturday, January 16, 2021. Please TAG Martien Ecrits by including his name within your blog content. In doing so, your blog will show up on his timeline. You may also post your blog link in the comment section below and/or post your blog link on the group “Ecrits Blogophilia” page.

**THE GUESSING GAME**Who and What do you guess on????
Guess who submitted the TOPIC – one guess permitted!
Guess who submitted the PICTURE – one guess permitted!!
The SECRET PICTURE WORD/PHRASE!! 10 guesses permitted!! PICTURE PHRASE GUESSES CAN BE ANYTHING AT ALL, but remember you are limited to only TEN picture phrases guesses!!

ALL GUESSES MUST BE LISTED ON YOUR BLOG in order to count for points.Correct guessing means earning extra points and is so much fun, especially if you’d like to wear our leather jacket!! (No guessing yourself AT ALL – you can’t get points that way!!!)

What are you waiting for? Start Writing!!!

Blogs Ready for Commentary:

Lika Saliscente-Phipps

Irene Melgoza

Dia Jade

Colleen Keller Breuning

Christine Wichman

Christopher Mitchell

Tyler Myrth

Craig Fallon

Michelle King

Rebecca S. Revels

Stormy Gail Dormire


Click here for Ecrits Blogophilia, and how it works!

Week 44.13 Writer Points

59 Craig Fallon
58 Stormy Gail Dormire
57 Christine Wichman
56 Irene Melgoza

54 Dia Jade
53 Christopher Mitchell
51 Colleen Keller Breuning
51 Lika Saliscente-Phipps
49 Rebecca S. Revels
49 Tyler Myrth
46 Bettie Davis
35 Michael Wayne Engeseth
35 Michelle King
23 Lissa Fallon

6 Rebecca Grusendorf
6 Sharonlee Imageweaver
2 Dahlia Ramone

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Hosts for a creative writing group Blogophilia.
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24 Responses to Blogophilia Week 45.13 – The Holiday Blues

  1. Dia Jae says:

    Happy Sunday! It is cold here in Florida. This Floridian does not like it one bit! LOL

  2. falcon1974 says:

    Good morning everyone! I just finished my eggs and bacon. Anyone else want some?

  3. Here’s a fun glimpse of early 70s Rolling Stones!

  4. Okay Earthlings, off to scramble some eggs…I’ll be back! 😉

  5. likamarie says:

    Mornin’ Marvin Martian! Congratulations, Craig! Happy writing to all!

  6. Montem F says:

    I did not remember submitting that topic 🤣

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  8. Congrats Craig!! Good Morning Marvin and friends, wishing everyone a joyful week of writing!! So excited that I finally got a photo phrase correct! Woohoo!

  9. Irene Melgoza says:

    Good morning! Congrats to Craig & happy writing to all my lovelies!

  10. Hi everyone, congrats to Craig on the jacket. Perfect topic – this holiday season certain gave me the blues and now I still have to put my house back together haha! 😉 Apologies that I’ve been so hit and miss with reading. It’s been craaaazy! xoxo

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  12. Stormy Gail Dormire says:

    Guesses for secret word/phrase: 1. Mee Ow 2. Where’s the catnip 3. Hungry cat 4. Grey cat 5. Cats in the cradle
    6. What’s new pussycat 7. alley cat 8. Copycat 9. Bird watching 10. Cool cat

    • Stormy Gail Dormire says:

      The Holiday Blues
      Betty Lou flew round the room on her broom
      In the nick of time she soared high
      “And when the sky was opened” She caught The Holiday Blues as they fell And cast everyone into her caldron brew Where soon they would add a sequence of troubles for the world this night
      Her alley cat, Mee Ow sat playing the cool cat And watching Betty’s brew for evil tidbits Where’s the catnip the Hungry cat purred And the Grey cat who liked Bird watching A true Copycat, she played Cats in the cradle with that one eyed purple eater who kept asking What’s new pussycat
      Betty Lou petted them all affectionately Then she gave the purple people eater his instructions The alien did a little dance and went happily on his way. The thought of eating 6 police, a janitor and a scientist Had him dancing and playing a tune on his horn With a mighty leap he flew into the air Swirling an evil tornado of thunderous dread around him
      Betty growled deep in her throat cursing her lackadaisical crew You incompetent hunters and vixens I’m giving you one last chance to find Harry Search for and find his family Hang them in the sky for all to see Turn them blue, purple, black and orange And make them jiggle a deathly jig
      This night the devil and I will destroy this earth
      (clarice) 01/16/2021
      Ecrits Blogophilia Week 45.13 Topic: The Holiday Blues Guesses for Topic: Christine and for Picture: Jolene Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a Twilight Zone series title from 1959-19 “And when the sky was opened” (12/11/59) “Nick of Time” (11/18/1960) Easy Bonus (1 Point): Incorporate a board game: sequence – trouble

      Guesses for secret word/phrase: 1. Mee Ow 2. Where’s the catnip 3. Hungry cat 4. Grey cat 5. Cats in the cradle 6. What’s new pussycat 7. alley cat 8. Copycat 9. Bird watching 10. Cool cat

      tag Martien
      I goofed above

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