Blogophilia Week 14.14 – Back in the Saddle

We are back with a rebooted Blogophilia! This is Ecrits Blogophilia Week 14 of our 14th year!

Marvin Martian meets Lady Liberty!

I’m back!
I’m back in the saddle again
I’m back!
I’m back in the saddle again

Ridin’ into town alone
By the light of the moon
I’m looking for ole’ Sukie Jones
She crazy horse saloon
Barkeep gimme a drink
That’s when she caught my eye
She turned to give me a wink
That’d make a grown man cry

~ “Back in the Saddle Again” by Aerosmith

In my first month traveling Planet Earth, I explored the wonders of the great United States of America! I got to meet Lady Liberty face to face, swam the great Mississippi River, cavorted with Caftan Cowboys, climbed the Space Needle, did a hula dance in Maui, trekked the Grand Canyon, and saw my own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! What an amazing and fascinating country, this land of the free! I must say, I also met some very beautiful people, just as beautiful as the Venusians themselves! Believe me when I say I shall return….

We at the Marvin house are thinking of all you Earthlings who were affected by Hurricane Ian. We are sad to see the destruction on your beautiful planet. We send our prayers and hopes that all of you are safe. May you stay strong during this time, have your power restored and get back to normal life soon!



Welcome to the relaunch of Blogophilia!!! As announced in our preview blog last week, we will continue our Sunday morning posting of a new Blogophilia topic, bonus prompts and picture for your inspiration. Sometimes we will pull from our archives and use participant submissions, other times it will be a Marvin chosen prompt.


Why the big change, you may ask? We are moving to a simpler blogging format, we will exist to encourage writers by providing prompts that you may use (OR NOT USE) to inspire you to WRITE! We will also strive to encourage writers, to foster collaboration and friendships across the internet world. The time previously spent awarding points, tallying, sewing jackets, tracking everything under the sun was quite massive and time intensive (upwards of 30 hours per week)! This Marvin crew is a busy crew, so SIMPLICITY is now the name of the game! That being said, we also want Blogophilia to be FUN and not a competition that upsets or makes ANYONE feel left out. After seeing the world and experiencing the goodness of mankind, this alien is looking for simplicity and harmony. I have become inspired to UNITE, not DIVIDE!

We want you to have the freedom to use the prompts as an INSPIRATION, not a requirement. That way, you can take one or more of the prompts and let your imagination soar. Sometimes, all of the prompts don’t fit together, or you find it too difficult to use one of them in your writing. YOU have the OPTION to use all, one or none! After all – it is YOUR writing! And if you want to guess who submitted things, just for fun, go for it. We will always announce the following week if we used any participant prompts. Just remember, no points will be awarded.

We also want to extend our SINCERE THANKS for your patience during our extended hiatus, your kindness in checking in, and of course, your participation and love of Blogophilia. WE LOVE YOU!!

ATTENTION BLOGGERS: PLEASE continue to post the link to your blog on either the Facebook Martien Ecrits timeline or the Ecrits Blogophilia group!!!!!! Or post within Facebook if that is what works for you. Facebook will continue to be our central place to find your blog, and we will link your blog or post on our WordPress blog here.

Thanks for your cooperation!


Week 14.14 Picture

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 14.14 Topic: Back in the Saddle

Hard Prompt: Include a quote or line by William Blake

Easy Prompt: Use the word “Iceberg”


Blogs should be submitted on or before Midnight (EST), Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 11 EST!! Please TAG Martien Ecrits by including his name within your blog content. In doing so, your blog will show up on his timeline. You may also post your blog link in the comment section below and/or post your blog link on the group “Ecrits Blogophilia” page.

Remember, there are no longer any guesses for the topic, bonus prompts or picture submissions, nor points awarded for any of these. As stated in our relaunch blog, the Blogophilia challenge has eliminated point scoring, tallying, tracking and awarding jackets. We have moved to a kinder, gentler blogging group that is no longer a competition. Instead, we aim to be inclusive, collaborative and encouraging of writers!!

What are you waiting for? Start Writing!!!


Blogs Ready for Commentary:

Lika Saliscente-Phipps

Christine Wichman

Jay Sole


Click here for Ecrits Blogophilia, and how it works!


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Coming Soon …. Blogophilia Relaunch!!

I’m back….

Everybody’s got to cry sometimes
I never understood the reason why
Suddenly the answer is so clear I’m…
Missing you

Never thought that we would end this way
And if I only had three words to say
They would simply flow so easy, I’m…
Missing you

“Missing You” by Paula Abdul


Greetings, Earthlings! I have been missing you all, and hope you are doing well.

Did you think I was abducted by aliens? Not quite! My summer hiatus last year ended up extending into a year-long, whirlwind tour of Planet Earth. Apologies for my extended absence and for being MIA, but I was taking an extra long break to decompress. I explored the wonders of your beautiful planet, hitting one country a month. Commander K and I saw the sights, lived life to the fullest, and I have pictures to share with you!

Now I’m back on Mars and ready for some blogging again. How about you? This time, the challenge is going to be a little different than in years past. We will transition to a more inclusive, collaborative type of writing challenge. Competition can be fun, but truth be told, keeping the weekly challenge going was extremely labor and time intensive! There was a LOT of work behind the scenes. All of the blog preparation, scoring, linking, point tallying, keeping track of participant prompts used, tracking correct topic/picture/picture phrase guesses and sewing weekly jackets added many, many, many hours of work (about 30 hours per week for the Marvin crew) to Marvin’s already busy schedule. And this is a volunteer gig, LOL!

Our hope is create a kinder, gentler and supportive Blogophilia world. Marvin will continue to post a weekly blog on Sundays over on WordPress and encourage writers to participate. Topics, bonuses and pictures will still be posted, but not for scoring purposes. They will be mostly for inspiration, and to get your creative wheels turning. We want you have the freedom to use these prompts (or not), as sometimes the combination of prompts just don’t fit into what you want or need to write. Also, if you need to skip a week, you won’t have to worry about getting behind, “losing points” or writing a blog under pressure! After all, life gets busy and the Marvin crew understands that.

Our main purpose will be to inspire, support, encourage friendships and to get you writing!! After all, that is the most important thing! Marvin will continue to visit your blogs and read, but simply give kudos. You may continue to post the link to your blog on the Martien Ecrits timeline or in the Ecrits Blogophilia group. We will link your blog in our weekly WordPress blog as usual.

To reiterate, going forward we are eliminating the awarding/tracking of points and jackets. This may disappoint some, but a change was necessary. (And yes indeed, even aliens are resistant to change!) Our focus will be on WRITING and BLOGGING, as well it should be.

So get your pens ready, and join us on Sunday, October 2 (next week) for the relaunch of Blogophilia! We are excited and can’t wait to see you there!

Alien Love,

Marvin Martian aka Martien Ecrits

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Life Time Points 6-14-21

7251Colleen Breuning
7016Irene Melgoza
6741Tyler Myrth
6557Christopher Mitchell (AGE)
4642Barbara Kausteklis
4557Dave Coon aka Nissmech
4437Christine Wichman
4190Stormy Gail
3970Diana Jay aka Dia Jade
3442Jay Sole
3224The David aka Dave Raider
3212Doris Emmett
3202Jessica Miller
3193Sallon Newlove
3128Leta (Island Bronze) aka Violeta Falo
2896Dahlia Ramone aka Lisa
2835Lika Saliscente
2773Trevor Clower
2714Michelle Marko King
2688Bettie Davis
2543Linda Miller Thurmond
2422Gerard Villegas
2309Kim Herndon
2282Nina Nixon
2264DJ Myke aka Michael Todd
2218Sue (Sassy Sue)
2198Ruggi aka Rutger Siskens
1962Kismet aka Evil Twin
1931The Falcon aka Craig Fallon
1780Sharonlee aka GypsyLee 
1722Joleene Naylor
1716Liam McKormic
1595Jissilly (Jonathan Harvey)
1339Lisa Kessler
1190Ev/Writing is Candy
1188Heather Blomquist aka ThoseLovelyShivers
1112Rebecca S Revels
1102Rebecca Grusendorf
1097Crazy*PJS aka Peggy
1016Just Judi Again (Gaga)
1004Brian Dewald
959Deborah Truitt
895Lori Sonnett Diva
848Lissa Fallon 
755River Reynolds aka Siko Kitty
744Why I Otter
727Alba Hernandez Abrego
717Breezy B
709DW (Alyssa)
697Anita Bx
613Lisa   Conrad
532(Jos Davis) Ruz
491Katie Sanders
487Brit Blaise
473East Tex aka Brenda
461Niki Rok$
452Timothy aka
439Clarkster (Steven Clark)
436Just Jeff
427Katy Behr Adkins aka Just Kate
409DeAnna Metcalf aka Tuscany Jones
373Chickee (Christina Salsman)
373Sandy Glenn
357Michael Wayne Engesth 
346Carol Vaskelis
316Poppy Ruth Silver
316Sherry Baby 
315Spidey John
304Little Did He Know
291C.C. aka Lori Gomez
284Collen M
268Lady “Cheryl” Death
263Angelo Gravity
258My Imprint
250Provisionary Girl
213Dante’s Inferno
209Elaine E. Chaix  (Piper Ellie)
206Miss Mojito
203Samantha Trace
194A Clark Jamerson
180Ken K
177Ghost Writer
163Jesse Chapman
161Lia Cee
161Catherine (the odds are….)
145Mary Merlot
141Heather Long
133The Enigma
128Patti Pooh
126Land of Nod (Collie)
126Mrs. Clayton
123Brittany Berhenke
117Loni Donche
116Temporary Employment
114Crazy Rachel
108Sue – Raphel’s Mom
103Scarred Moonlight
103Your Mom
102Katie DeVore
102Mountain womyn
102Tammy (2)
100Kristin/Perfectly Unperfect
96Whiskey in a Tea Cup
95Avery Shipman
84Angie Walden
83Ken’s Xmas
81Sheri (Falling Feather)
80Lil Tex/Devon
79Timmy Chan 
79Micki Hogan
75Starra Neely Blade
72Famous Enuff
69Uniquely Kate
66My Body the Hand Gernade
65Dr. GaGa Pie
64Horetep (Jon Britton)
63Juli Hoffman
56Katharine Wyatt
55Killa Kitty
49Celeste Newmann 
47Sarah Kinnard
46Chasing Butterflies (Courtney)
45Dawn Marie
45Electric Karma 
45Wishful Hero (Brian)
42Mountain King/James
41Susan (Flexwriter)
38Matt Henry
37Frog Queen
34Lindy Lou
33Kayden William Moyer
32Insane Auntie Mari
32Juanita Louise
31Mark Preston
30Chery Rose
30Chlorista Twist
28Todd Carter
27Darrell Shepherd
27La Voix de la Raison (diana)
27Summer LaRue
24Clobber Girl
24New moon hotel – Freddie
23Jonathan (Arkangel)
22Butterfly Kisses
22Jeff Ledbetter
22The Dissy/Ostra Moon
21Romeo Writer
20Corpus Christie
19Harvey Wallbanger
18Ruth Ann Nordin
17Big Daddy
17Ms Rayven
17Reflective Rose
16Glenn (Lost in Myspace)
16Just Me Thinking
16Just Plain Deb
16k d Nelson
16Kate Lynn
16The WereBitch
16Wendy A
15Lavender Roses
14Blog Stalker
14Groovy Anna
14Princess Paula
13Lili/Speaks Softly
13Nija of Democracy
12Donna Brumback Nalley aka BellaDonna
12Home Loving It
11Lisa, Momma
9Mrs Connie
9The Robster
8Dari Hammett
8Beth (Miss Sunshine)
8Chad Saliscente
8Chasing the Elusive Muse
8Dorie Nordlinger
8DR – lord of Dragon Riders
8Jonny C
8Julie McKnight
8Kate Powell Shine
8Lasangna Chick
8Laurel Anne Barron
8Luke SkyWriter
8Lusty Lulu
8Melissa Ann Kennan
8Michelle Marie
8Roni J
8Stephany Borders
8Teacha Man
7Heather/Momma Bear
7Miss B
6Irene H
6Mrs Brick Ricardo
5Doug Bible
5I’m batman
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Blogophilia Year 14, Season 1 Champion

View Post

I’ve paid my dues
Time after time.
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime.

And bad mistakes‒
I’ve made a few.
I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I’ve come through.

And I need to go on and on, and on, and on.

We are the champions, my friends.
And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.
We are the champions.
We are the champions.
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions of the world.

~ “We are the Champions” by Queen


To Our Dear Blogophilians: As announced last week, Marvin Martian and the Blogophilia writing challenges will be on summer hiatus after today. Therefore, we have put Year 14 Season 2 on hold, and there will be no new writing challenges shared for now. However, we will keep you posted over the summer regarding our return. The Marvins will pop into Facebook and WordPress every now and then to say hello, check messages and respond if need be.

Bear with us, we do hope to calculate the Lifetime Points soon. We had not done that for the last year or two, and with the discontinuation of Facebook notes this may take us a little while to find and calculate. But once we get that done, we’ll post a separate blog with the complete listing.

We at the Marvin house encourage you to continue writing weekly. We hope we’ve inspired good writing habits for you! 😉 The Ecrits Blogophilia Facebook group will remain open for your use, as a central place to keep in touch with your writing friends if you choose. However, please know that any posts placed in the Blogophilia group, Marvin’s Facebook page or WordPress will not necessarily be monitored. Please continue to be kind and respectful. Any posts should be done with the expectation that Marvin and the other Blogophilians will not necessarily respond or comment.

If you have any thoughts or ideas over the summer, please send via DM to Marvin’s Facebook page. We would like to return refreshed after a hiatus with greater participation, interaction and most importantly FUN for all! So we would appreciate your input.

We thank everyone for your understanding, support, kind thoughts, appreciative posts and wonderful comments last week regarding 14 years of Blogophilia. (We had double the participation rate over the prior week, so we appreciate that!!!) It means so much to us and our alien hearts are full. It was a tough decision to take a break, as we at the Marvin house truly consider Blogophiia our labor of love. You are all very special to us, and we appreciate and love you all. Now get out there and have a WONDERFUL summer – that’s an order! 😉 See ya! ❤

With Alien Love,
The Marvins at The Marvin House

Wishing you One Week Early – Happy Father’s Day!!a wonderful Father’s Day !



Woo hoo! Congratulations to Christopher Mitchell, who is our Season 1 Year 14 Champion! He held on tight during the season to take home the coveted green Corinthian Leather jacket, along with the Week 13.14 jacket! Irene Melgoza finished in second place, shaking her head that she was one mere point from sharing those jackets and indulging in a little Tequila that is stored in the pockets! Christine Wichman slides into third place, and she is looking forward to some traveling adventures (finally) in the coming months! Lika Saliscente-Phipps is embracing the warmth and planning for some delicious fare in her summer kitchen! Colleen Keller Breuning is mapping out her local winery tour, while Tyler Myrth is choosing some delicious IPAs for hot summer days! Last week’s writes and shared memories completely warmed our hearts at the Marvin House. We appreciate reliving those fun times, and look forward to hopefully many more. It has been a wonderful 14 years, and we THANK YOU! Now the biggest question that will burn in everyone’s minds all summer is …. When shall we return from hiatus?

Last week’s topic was submitted by Marvin Martian! No points awarded.
Last week’s bonus suggestions were provided by Marvin Martian!! No points awarded.
Last week’s picture was submitted by Marvin Martian!! No points awarded.

Marvin’s secret picture bonus criteria was “Little Green Man (or Men)!!!”
Dave Coon aka Nissmech is the only one who knew who was abducting Earthlings! He curls up with all 6 points, plus a bonus point for using it in his blog !

Now, isn’t that lovely??


Week 13.14 Writer Points

145 Christopher Mitchell
144 Irene Melgoza
142 Christine Wichman
138 Lika Saliscente-Phipps
136 Colleen Keller Breuning
134 Tyler Myrth
121 Dia Jade
113 Michelle King

104 Lisa Conrad
93 Stormy Gail Dormire
82 Rebecca S. Revels
70 Dahlia Ramone
48 Dave Coon

43 Jay Sole
29 Anita Bx
22 Brian Dewald
14 Doris Emmett

14 Michael Wayne Engeseth
12 Jonathan Harvey
10 David Schrader

8 Lia Cee
8 Rutger Siskens
8 Violeta Tiumalu
7 Craig Fallon
6 Joleene Naylor
4 Rebecca Grusendorf
2 Elaine E. Chaix
1 Lissa Fallon

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Blogophilia Week 13.14 – Hiatus

This is Ecrits Blogophilia Week 13 of our 14th year! It is also the final week of Season 1 Year 14. Next week we will announce the Season 1 Champion for Year 14, and all accumulated points will be added to your lifetime Blogophilia points.





I just want to chill for a while, smell the roses, relax, and maybe do a little work on my spaceship so I can visit my homeland again… Perhaps I might even take a summer vacation to Venus or *gasp* fall in love?

Yes. Indeed. It has been 14 years, week after week with no break at all from hard work of running the group without any vacation – So I think I’m due for a hiatus! ” ~ Marvin & Commander K

To Our Dear Blogophilians: The topic today got us thinking that wouldn’t be such a bad idea – taking a short hiatus. No doubt, we have all been going through so much lately, with the COVID-19 pandemic last year spilling into this year wreaking havoc with our personal and work lives and our physical and mental health. Not to mention the difficulties with Facebook and the rocky transition over to WordPress. So we at the Marvin house are thinking maybe we all could use a little hiatus, and we have kind of hinted about it the past weeks with the topic choices. (Believe it or not – we are real people behind the scenes at Blogophilia, working hard each and every week and juggling the complexities of life — just like you!)

What do you think? You are all very important to us!!! Please let us know in the comments your thoughts, if it sounds good to take a little break for a bit. If you’re not comfortable with stating your thoughts or opinion publicly, you may send a DM to Marvin on Facebook.

We will be back next week to announce the Jacket Winner and Season 1 Year 14 champion, and we will keep you posted throughout the summer with updates on our return date. We would love if everyone to come back to Blogophilia refreshed, ready and eager for new writing challenges!! We love each and every one of you, so this break is not a decision we are taking lightly. Believe us, it is a subject that weighs very heavy on our hearts and minds, but we do think taking a breather would be a healthy move for us after 14 years of hard work. Thanks so much for your understanding and support!!

~~ With Love, The Marvin Martians

ATTENTION BLOGGERS: PLEASE post the link to your blog on either the Facebook Martien Ecrits timeline or the Ecrits Blogophilia group so we don’t miss your post!!!!!! Thanks for your cooperation!



June is finally here, and summer is only 2 weeks away! Congratulations once again to Christopher Mitchell, who continues his reign as the jacket winner this week! Irene Melgoza rises to second place, a mere point away from staking her claim to the top spot! Christine Wichman is eager to regain leather for those cool summer vacation nights! Lika Saliscente-Phipps is hoping she can conjure up the perfect phrase guess to carry her up the mountain! Colleen Keller Breuning is planting her summer garden and hoping for beautiful blooms! As we enter a summer hiatus, we’d like to thank each and every one of you who have faithfully participated, shared your writes every week and made this a true labor of love! It is our sincere hope that after a break this summer, we will all come back recharged, renewed and ready to write once again! So this week we know several questions are probably burning in your minds … Who will wear the jacket next week? Who will become Season 1 Year 14 Champion? When shall we return from hiatus?

Last week’s topic was submitted by Colleen Keller Breuning!!
Nary a soul saw Colleen sailing on past them as she reached for the clouds on her imaginary wings! She swoops in and scoops up all 6 points!

Last week’s bonus suggestions were provided by Irene Melgoza and Dia Jade!! They each receive 2 points for their contributions!!

Last week’s picture was submitted by Dahlia Ramone!!
Dahlia stumps everyone with the peaceful vacation vista! Nobody guessed she was responsible for the panoramic view, and she cashes in with all 6 points!

Marvin’s secret picture bonus criteria was “Lounge!!!”
Irene Melgoza is the only one to take notice of the inviting blue pillow lounge, where she promptly snuggles in for a summer snooze! She curls up with all 6 points as she sweetly slumbers!

Now, isn’t that lovely??


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 13.14 Topic: “Hiatus” (Provided by Marvin)
Hard Bonus (2 points): Share a ‘detailed fond memory’ of Marvin Martian, Commander K or anyone in the Blogophilia group (past or present)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Reveal your summer vacation plans

Week 13.14 Picture – Provided by Marvin

PLEASE point out or highlight the bonuses within your blog content. It is so easy for us Martians to miss it completely!! And believe you us, we have missed these quite a few times!

Blogs must be submitted on or before Midnight (EST), Saturday, June 12, 2021. Please TAG Martien Ecrits by including his name within your blog content. In doing so, your blog will show up on his timeline. You may also post your blog link in the comment section below and/or post your blog link on the group “Ecrits Blogophilia” page.

**THE GUESSING GAME**Who and What do you guess on????
NOTE: This week, there will be no guesses for both the topic and the picture (both have been provided by Marvin)!
The SECRET PICTURE WORD/PHRASE!! 10 guesses permitted!! PICTURE PHRASE GUESSES CAN BE ANYTHING AT ALL, but remember you are limited to only TEN picture phrases guesses!!

ALL GUESSES MUST BE LISTED ON YOUR BLOG in order to count for points. Correct guessing means earning extra points and is so much fun, especially if you’d like to wear our leather jacket!! (No guessing yourself AT ALL – you can’t get points that way!!!)

What are you waiting for? Start Writing!!!


Blogs Ready for Commentary:

Lika Saliscente-Phipps

Christine Wichman

Christopher Mitchell

Jay Sole

Dave Coon

Doris Emmett

Tyler Myrth

Irene Melgoza

Lia Cee

Brian Dewald

Michelle King

Colleen Keller Breuning

Rebecca S. Revels


Click here for Ecrits Blogophilia, and how it works!


Week 12.14 Writer Points

136 Christopher Mitchell
135 Irene Melgoza
133 Christine Wichman
129 Lika Saliscente-Phipps
127 Colleen Keller Breuning
125 Tyler Myrth
121 Dia Jade
104 Lisa Conrad
104 Michelle King
93 Stormy Gail Dormire
74 Rebecca S. Revels
70 Dahlia Ramone
35 Jay Sole
33 Dave Coon
29 Anita Bx
14 Brian Dewald
14 Michael Wayne Engeseth
12 Jonathan Harvey
10 David Schrader
8 Rutger Siskens
8 Violeta Tiumalu
7 Craig Fallon
6 Doris Emmett
6 Joleene Naylor
4 Rebecca Grusendorf
2 Elaine E. Chaix
1 Lissa Fallon

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