Ecrits Blogophilia – The Rules

Welcome to Ecrits Blogophilia ~ and how to obtain our cyber points ~
Now isn’t that lovely!!!
Writing in our weekly challenge:
The Martien House awards points for writing in our weekly challenge. Topics, bonuses and pictures are submitted by the writers themselves. The writer(s) with the most points at the end of the week wears our lovely black leather jacket (or green leather for champion(s) at the end of a season) . Points awarded for a written blog:
Topic: 5 points (writing a blog for the challenge week)
Hard Bonus: 2 points // Easy Bonus: 1 point Incorporating the two bonuses earn up to 3 points
THUS — you will be scored 5 pts + 2 pts + 1 pt = 8 points (for a regular blog week)
Full 8 points are awarded provided the blog meets every challenge for the given week. Any item dropped from the prompts are, of course, not awarded full points, i.e., writer writes a blog but does not use the bonuses, they would earn 5 points but no bonus points. Comprehendo? Good!!
But WAIT! There‚Äôs more ……..
What? More points????
The GUESSING game: Aside from the regular points above, extra points are awarded when the writer guesses correctly who submitted the Topic and/or Picture (of that particular week challenge). You are allowed one guess each for topic and picture.
No need to guess the who submitted the bonus suggestions. Seriously.
In addition, Martien awards even more points for guessing the picture phrase! You are allowed up to 20 guesses for the phrase only!
we LOVE giving points!!!
The Points Structure:
TOPIC OWNER receives 6 pts (if not guessed)
1 correct guess (topic owner and guesser) receives 4 pts each
2 correct guessers= 3 pts each
3+ correct guessers= 2 pts each

PICTURE OWNER guesses are scored same as the above Points Structure for topic.
PICTURE PHRASE guesses are slightly different: 6 pts for a single correct guesser, 4 pts each for two correct guessers, 3 pts each for 3 correct guessers, and 2 pts each for more than 4 correct guessers. PLUS an additional 1 pt for INCLUDING the pic phrase within the blog content.
AND….. there is another extra point for blogging each consecutive week!! (If you miss the deadline, you can still submit the blog late – you just lose out on that one extra point for consecutive week blogs.)
Please NOTE that we appreciate every writer writing with us. For this reason, (and to be fair to all) we are only able to feature ONE TOPIC per WRITER per SEASON ~~~ as well as ONE PICTURE per WRITER per SEASON. This way, hopefully everyone gets a shot at our coveted leather!!
Any questions? Please submit them in the comments below and we will address them!
Thanks very much!!

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